Saturday, February 1, 2014

Want to check something off the bucket list? Race here....

I recently found out about this amazing race opportunity being organized in Ethiopia by the non-profit Race4Ever. Not only does the new Ethiopia Marathon, Half-Marathon and 5k run taking place on June 8th look amazing (okay, not quite "Running with the Kenyans" but Ethiopia has produced its fair share of world-class runners, including one who is involved with this race), it's also benefiting a great cause in Ethiopia.
Headlining the event is race ambassador and elite marathoner/ultra-marathoner, Michael Wardian. If you don't know him, he's qualified for the US Olympic trials three times, run some pretty serious ultras like Badwater, arguably one of the toughest ultras in Death Valley. He also won the National Marathon in Washington, DC (now rock n roll USA) five years in a row, among other accomplishments. 

Organized by DC-based endurance athlete and coach Jeff Horowitz, the one-of-a-kind road race starts 8,500 feet and ends at 9,300 feet. That's some serious altitude and makes it one of the highest road races in the world. 

This is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity. The full travel package includes everything from round-trip airfare, to seven nights in a luxury hotel, to a city tour of Addis Ababa and the race course, and pre- and post-race festivities. Olympic champion and 5k and 10k world record holder Kenenisa Bekele is also hosting a high-altitude training camp for all race participants. 

If you'd like to get in on this awesome trip, visit here's the race website: 


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