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Welcome to Equilibrium, a blog devoted to health and the many complex issues that influence it. I once heard someone explain that life is all about optimizing, you can never maximize. There are too many factors - many of which pull in opposite directions - and you ultimately try to find a state of equilibrium, or a place where you can balance all these factors. From a physiological perspective, equilibrium represents the human body's genius - or, an internal harmony. Cells, tissues, organs, and systems interact in countless ways through precise yet sometimes unknown reactions and pathways, all of which holds life in balance.

This blog is about the things that contribute to, disrupt, and re-establish personal and public health equilibrium.


I'm a public health and wellness consultant, writer, running and triathlon coach, and triathlete.

 My public health expertise spans both global and domestic health, particularly in areas of chronic disease prevention, wellness, nutrition and food policy. I've worked for international NGOs, research organizations, and consulted for the World Health Organization. I have a masters in public health from the George Washington University and a B.S. in biology from Villanova University.

I'm a life-long athlete devoted to wellness, nutrition, fitness and exercise performance. After playing my first competitive soccer game at the age of 4, I went on to play for several elite soccer clubs, semi-professionally, and at the Division I collegiate level. When I stepped away from the game in 2006, I was in search of something to fill the competitive void. Enter: endurance sports. My first marathon - the 2007 Philadelphia Marathon - was suppose to be a bucket list thing. Things snowballed from there, having completed numerous marathons and half-marathons since. Four years ago I took up triathlon, and now compete on the Timex Factory Team in sprint, Olympic and Half-Ironman distance races. In early 2014 I ran my first Boston Marathon, which I qualified for with my first sub-3 hour time exactly five years later on the same course where my running career began.

In addition to competing in running events and triathlon (and the occasional endurance cycling event), I also coach runners and triathletes of all abilities through Craig Moscetti Training Systems, and in the process of becoming a certified strength and conditioning coach.

I'm also endlessly grateful and thankful to have a beautiful and talented wife, Stephanie, who supports and pushes me at every step along the way.


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