Monday, January 13, 2014

New Coaching Business

And we're off and running. Pun intended. I spent New Years at my in-laws, and my father-in-law is known for his over-the-top puns. They must've rubbed off.

I recently started my own coaching business, Craig Moscetti Training Systems. It's still in the early stages and a work in progress. But I'm excited to be working with a couple clients already and that it's finally off the ground.

Craig Moscetti Training SystemsMy mission is simple, to help clients - of all ages and ability levels - achieve higher levels of performance to meet their personal health and fitness goals. 

I don't use pre-formulated training programs. Your body type, metabolism and physiology are all unique. That's why my advice is 100% tailored to my client's individual performance goals. Whether you're looking for helpful tips from time to time, or a personalized training approach based on your upcoming race calendar, my approach is based on client training needs. You can read more about my coaching philosophy here.

Looking for a coach? I offer one-on-one running and triathlon coaching services (both in-person and virtual), general health coaching, and individual consultations.

Contact me here for your free introductory consultation.

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