Monday, May 6, 2013

Monthly Reading Roundup: April 2013


Rich Food Poor Food: the ultimate grocery purchasing system, by Mira Calton and Jayson Calton


"Tackling The Weight Of The World: What One African Woman Taught Us About Global Obesity" -Laura M. Blinkhorn & Mascha A. Davis, Health Affairs, April 2013

"The latest tool for tracking obesity? Facebook likes" -Alexandra Sifferlin, TIME, April 2013

"Consumer Reports investigation: Talking turkey, Our new tests show reasons for concern" -Consumer Reports, April 2013

"Analysis: Workplace wellbeing – what can the UK learn from around the world?" -Tessa Norman, Health Insurance & Protection, April 2013

"Consumption Junction: Childhood Obesity Determined Largely by Environmental Factors, Not Genes or Sloth" -Scientific American, April 2013

"Does Higher-Intensity Exercise Produce More Results?" -American College of Sports Medicine, March 2013


"Expert and Stakeholder Consensus on Priorities for Obesity Prevention Research in Early Care and Education Settings" -Dianne S. Ward, Amber Vaughn, and Mary Story. Childhood Obesity. April 2013

"Worldwide application of prevention science in adolescent health" -Richard F Catalano et. al. Lancet, April 2013


Nigel Marsh: How to make work-life balance work

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