Thursday, April 4, 2013

Monthly Reading Roundup: March 2013

This month I finished a very interesting book (and fairly quick read) about the commercialization of youth sports. From the perspective of someone who was in the thick of it throughout my adolescent years, it's certainly an eye opener. From gym classes marketed towards 6-month-olds, to the growing industry associated with college recruiting, the book certainly sheds light on some important child/adolescent development issues and poses some critical questions, which any parent might find helpful in contemplating.

A few interesting studies came out this month, one in particular dealing with low-fat milk consumption and whether it actually helps manage weight among adolescents. I also included a study from earlier this year about running in minimalist shoes and whether it actually simulates barefoot running, which they are often marketed as being able to do. (Stayed tuned for a future post on this topic)


The Most Expensive Game in Town: The rising cost of youth sports and the toll on today's families, by Mark Hyman


"Effects of promoting longer-term and exclusive breastfeeding on adiposity and insulin-like growth factor-I at age 11.5 years," Martin R.M., et. al (Journal of the American Medical Association, March 13, 2013)

"Running in a minimalist and lightweight shoe is not the same as running barefoot: a biomechanical study," Bonacci J, et. al (British Journal of Sports Medicine, January 2013)


"'Crunch time' poll: Parents don't recognize kids are overweight," LA Times, February 26, 2013

"Ruminations on Aspartame and Milk," Huffington Post, April 1, 2013

"Study finds viscous cycle between obesity and physical activity," PsychCentral, April 1, 2013


"All of the structure and functions of the human body are built from and run on nutrients. All of them." -- Janet Lang, B.A., D.C.

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